A piece of jewellery custom designed by DIAMOR is the only answer

People shopping for jewellery usually browse through stores, look into catalogues,
open web sites to get an idea matching the closest with what they really desire.
With DIAMOR designed engagement rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and
other fine jewellery there is no need to compromise on your idea.
It all starts with a detailed conversation between the client and experienced
DIAMOR designer and jeweller. A preliminary sketch will be created.
Getting very detailed knowledge about your wishes and desires
and using the latest computer technology DIAMOR will allow you
to view digitally created images of the proposed piece.
This allows you make as many changes as you desire
to meet all your expectations before the jewellery is made.
After your final approval DIAMOR will manufacture the piece of jewellery
using the highest quality materials and stones.
DIAMOR designs and creations are always individual reflecting the tastes
and desires of person wearing them.
Over more than 30 years DIAMOR has gained a reputation for creating only finest quality
engagement rings, wedding rings, eternity rings or
jewellery for your anniversary or for any occasion.